Prohibition ends at last!” We’ve all heard the saying, most celebrate the day (December 5th), but it seems as if few really understand what it means. Its more then an excuse to celebrate and drink a few cleverly named cocktails. Its about a freedom movement and your constitutional right to… well – get good and drunk if you choose too. But lets keep it classy.

The movement of Prohibition began at the turn of the twentieth century with a select group of Americans concerned about the adverse effects of Alcohol. Well, this group grew. So large in fact that they became a political force strong enough to sway congress into passing an amendment that restricted alcohol. Thats right – no drinks, for no one, anytime, anywhere.

This (of course) lead to no good, with a rise in organized crime and delinquency just to name a few of the widespread problems caused by the decision (and to keep my story short). Regrets? You betcha! And so began the backpeddling to repeal Prohibition.

December 5th, 1933. Utah being the final state needed for a three quarters majority, ratified the 21st amendment, repealing Prohibition and restoring the American right to get your drink on.

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