Oh Là Là! Oui. Nos Amis Francais.

Bonjour Frenchies!

No, True Ink’s French language skills are not the best, but we are proud to have achieved new heights with client-communication and are très très proud to have French Radar as one of our featured projects.

There is no doubt that having a network of like-minded individuals in similar situations as yourself can be encouraging. Especially if the network is at your fingertips. French Radar’s online community aims to ease the stress and frustration of living abroad for French expats in the UK, the U.S., Australia and Canada.  The brand offers one-on-one Interviews with other expats, a robust directory dedicated to French businesses around the world, articles that educate and inform, plus so much more. Whether you are seeking out information for personal or professional, French Radar is an excellent source for all thing’s expatriation.

Concept to completion” was the goal for the ideas behind this particular project’s niche and there was something very special about being part of it since its inception. Working on concepts, colors, illustrations, and breathing life into the new brand became a pleasure from the very beginning as we watched this massive community come together and share their life stories, books they’ve written, events they are having, business owners and where to find them, the list goes on and on continuously supporting the communities growth.

To our French friends: Discover it all through French Radar’s welcoming community!

Skills / Programs used:

  • Branding
  • Concept Design
  • Print & Web Materials
  • Photoshop
  • inDesign
  • illustrator
  • Acrobat DC


An on-line community of French speaking expats

French Radar LLC Quick Links:

French Radar currently contains to many subjects to list here, detailed above is a a small taste of what they offer. We encourage all French speaking expats to visit the website and explore!

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