Design Process Overview

Initial Meeting
Step 02
Step 03
Step 04
Step 05
Step 06
01. Creative Brief
Step one is meant to capture the overall project’s details and key specifications needed to complete the work. The main scope, brand guidelines, target audience, message, dimensions, timeline expectations, budget, examples of similar or inspired works.
02. Research
Every project is different. Research before production is a crucial step in the design process to gain the knowledge needed for making great design decisions later on. Using the detailed information from step one about the project helps us to fully understand our creative mission.
03. Digital Sketch
Based on the info gathered through the creative brief and the research process, we are ready to begin the concept development phase of what the assets will ultimately look like.
04. Concept Presentation
Although, we’ve always strived to knock out the final design on the first shot, the client can be provided with as many options as specified in the main scope (usually 2 – 3). These additional options allow the collaboration and ideas to flourish even further and help narrow down choices that create the final product.
05. Revisions
With the exception of larger, more complex, deliverables - most projects work well with a three (3) revision process. Step five is where we collect and implement feedback on the submitted designs to ensure quality control and alignment with the client’s vision. Refinements are welcomed at this point to polish and give way to the projects final version.
06. Finalization & Delivery
Once the project has received approval from all stakeholders, final deliverables are packaged in their appropriate formats (as detailed in the initial brief’s specifications) and sent to the client.