Below is the full email and chat exchange between a Ticket Master rep and I about the less than stellar experience at the BB&T Center Ft. Lauderdale (April 25th 2018). Talk about an extremely poor and a disappointing experience at the rate of $750+ for tickets.  I DO NOT blame P!nk.. the blame is on BB&T completely.

Note: they have yet to respond and everyone is pointing the finger at everyone else.  im going to assume at this point they could care less.


I have to express how disappointed I am in the service that I purchased from Ticket Master, Allianz, and the overall experience that was promised to me, the insurance did not protect me (I know.. not your problem) as much as I thought it would, and I found it to be a complete waste of money (modified note: if you are reading this constant reader – note.. you should never ever waste your money on insurance from Allianz or any other “additional” offer from Ticket Master. Get your ticket and get out, apparently.. NOTHING is guaranteed except the fact they take your money).  Below you will find a transcript of a chat between me and a ticket master associate.  Im tired of re-typing the same thing over and over, so if you can please review the chat transcript and let let me know if there is anything that BB&T can help me with – in terms of receiving some sort of compensation. I would really appreciate it, and would definitely re-think the return to your venue in the future.
I would also like to add that I am and have been for the past 8 years the Art Director for Wire Magazine.  The magazine has been in circulation throughout the south Florida community for over 20 years now, and would like to set up an interview with a PR or Official Rep of the BB&T in regards to how and why these situations happen and how they are handled by the staff.
I thank you in advance and I hope you understand how truly upset I am about the entire situation.
thank you


Jose Gonzalez
Owner / Graphic Artist
True Ink Designs L.L.C.
00:00:03 System : A Fan Support representative will be with you shortly. For quality assurance purposes, this chat may be monitored and recorded. Please check out our FAQs at while you wait for a representative. The answer to your question may be found there!” For security purposes, please remember to close the chat window before leaving your computer unattended or when your chat session has ended.

00:00:08 JoseG : hello

00:00:09 System : You are number 46 in the Queue,

00:01:09 System : You are number 44 in the Queue,

00:02:09 System : You are number 39 in the Queue,

00:03:09 System : You are number 33 in the Queue,

00:04:09 System : You are number 31 in the Queue,

00:05:09 System : You are number 25 in the Queue,

00:06:09 System : You are number 23 in the Queue,

00:07:09 System : You are number 17 in the Queue,

00:08:09 System : You are number 15 in the Queue,

00:09:09 System : You are number 12 in the Queue,

00:10:09 System : You are number 11 in the Queue,

00:11:09 System : You are number 10 in the Queue,

00:12:09 System : You are number 7 in the Queue,

00:13:09 System : You are number 6 in the Queue,

00:14:09 System : You are number 2 in the Queue,

00:15:09 System : You are number 1 in the Queue,

00:15:30 Juana : Hello! My name is Juana. What can I assist you with?

00:15:39 JoseG : Hello Juana.  

00:16:17 JoseG : I have a huge issue. or at least.. its huge to me. I attended the Pink Concert on Apr 25th at the BB&T. 

00:16:46 JoseG : Now.. let me start by saying that to say im a SUPERFAN of pink’s would be an understatement… just so you can grasp how bad this is.

00:17:16 JoseG : I purchased my two tickets during the pre-sale as soon as they went on sale. I was sweating trying to get seats.

00:17:46 JoseG : low and behold .. I got seats and they were awesome. I even purchased the Ticket insurance that is offered by your partner Allianz to ENSURE that there would be no problem

00:18:04 JoseG : I mean.. who buys the insurance anymore really? anyway…. 

00:18:18 JoseG : the night of the show.. I got there SUPER early. hours early actually.  

00:18:36 JoseG : they scanned my tickets.. and me and the person I was with got in fine. no problem. 

00:18:44 JoseG : then we went to our seats.. and everything was fine

00:18:53 JoseG : we got bored and went for a walk

00:19:04 JoseG : pink does not come on till about 9ish.  

00:19:32 JoseG : so we went back to our seats and were sitting there making friends with everyone around us when the lights went down

00:19:43 JoseG : the show was about to start.  

00:20:30 JoseG : I have been staying away from social media and all things pink because I did not want any spoilers. I just knew from a friend that saw the show in NY that the beggining is the most spectacular part of the show.. it was THE BIG REVEAL when the pink curtain came down.  

00:20:57 JoseG : well.. security shows up pulls me out of my seat and takes me out of the arena talking about that some other guy is disputing the seat and it was his seat

00:21:04 JoseG : I. went. crazy.

00:21:15 JoseG : because I was missing my all time favorite artist.

00:21:35 JoseG : I began to cry and couldn’t understand what was happening and I was VERY VERY VERY upset to say the least

00:21:48 JoseG : turns out that the others guys tickets were fake and they let me go back to my seat

00:22:00 JoseG : but by this point… I missed the entire opening.

00:22:38 JoseG : now. I understand that people have a way of creating fake tickets or whatever… but I didnt not expect this to happen to me… especially since I purchased insurance and all the bells and whistles.  

00:22:50 JoseG : the final bill I think came out to over 700 dollars.

00:22:58 JoseG : thats alot of money for someone like me.

00:23:11 JoseG : but it was for pink so I neeeeeded to be there

00:24:05 JoseG : I believe that I deserve some kind of compensationsation for this. Im going in for a fusion spine surgery next week and this was the final time that I would be able to really enjoy my life for at least 4-6 months.  

00:24:16 JoseG : how do you handle these types of situations?

00:25:02 JoseG : note: my ticket was on my ticketmaster account as well as my apple wallet. and they STILL took me out. 

00:25:54 JoseG : and to give an even better idea of the SPECTACLE I missed you can view this:

00:26:02 JoseG : im so disappointed in all of this.

00:27:02 Juana : I’m sorry to hear you had issues at the event and understand your frustration. I understand how upset you are but the venue needed to handle the situation to make sure it got resolved. We are hired to handle the sale of the tickets so once the event takes place we are not aware of anything that happens at the events. The venue is in charge of handling the event for any issues for ex. like yours when someone was stating you had their seats. At this time you will need to reach out to the venue for assistance. 

00:28:28 JoseG : do you happen to have a contact for the BB&T that I can reach out too?

00:29:08 Juana : You can call the box office to 954-835-7285.

00:30:12 JoseG : thank you. I will do that. In your past experience, have you ever experienced a situation like mine and how it was handled? or do you think I am just wasting my time?  

00:32:20 Juana : I did handle something like this but I advised the same thing to fan. Once an event takes place we have not way of knowing what happens at the events this is why the venue handles the events. In your situation the venue needed to pull you aside to make sure and verify tickets and I understand how upset you are but it was just to get the issue resolved. The venue can further assist you since they handled the event.

00:33:42 JoseG : I understand. I have a feeling im going to get nowhere but I will try. Can you email me a copy of this transcript please?

00:34:07 Juana : A copy of this will be emailed to you. Is there anything else that I can assist you with Jose?

00:34:18 JoseG : no. thank you. 

00:35:55 Juana : Have a great day and again I’m very sorry you didn’t get to enjoy most of the event.

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